Monday, March 21, 2016


 Life Changing...
I haven't even blogged since this time last year.  UGH!  I need to desperately move this into my schedule.  Right now, my life is pretty routine.  I have my schedule that I follow pretty regularly.  I need to find a way to include this in my day.  I will never regret having a journal of this part of my crazy life.  So, that's my goal... to be more consistent this year with posts about life.
I must begin with this... Whole 30.

So apparently my life focuses a lot on weight and eating and trying to be healthy, based on what I've posted on this blog.  I have to write this down.  It's a large part of me.  I obsess a little over being in shape and feeling good about myself.  Whenever I get to that, plus 15lbs or more, I struggle with myself, my self esteem and how I treat my husband even.  It's awful.  I'm always trying to stay right around 140 cause I know I feel good about myself there.  I am a big January joiner cause it's almost always that come January, I'm up those 15lbs again and I'm in search of finding a way to get back down.  I obviously went the route of 21 day fix with Shakeolgy again.  It had worked before.  It worked last year.  But after a good six weeks, it wasn't paying off as well.  I wasn't able to stick to the small portions and still feel okay.  I was angry and mad at the world because if this wasn't working, what would?  What was I going to do this time?  I was totally freaking out.  So let me begin at the beginning...  My sister Wendy, posted early in February that she would be starting this challenge and asked if any of our family wanted to join her.  I laughed out loud.  Yea, right!  Like I could go without sugar for 30 days.  But I was intrigued.  I have my 40th birthday right around the corner and I either needed to buckle down and make 21 day fix work again, or find another way.  But there is the fact that I can hardly go a day without sugar.  That should have been my first clue that I should try it.  I didn't think it was possible for me.  I basically said, "NO WAY! and good luck with that."  Well, then she did it, and after two weeks she starting posting the results.  WHAT?  It's doable?  It's easier than you thought?  Wait what?!  Okay, what did I need to do to get started?  She sent me to the link online, and I read about the program.  She gave me her list of must haves to help me survive and I went shopping.  I'm on day 22!  TWENTY TWO days without sugar, grains, dairy, or anything artificial.  No honey, agave, stevia, no sweeteners of any kind!  No peanuts, or beans.  Its been fruit, veggies, healthy fats, and meat for 22 days.  It's been breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It's been a full plate of food that fills me up for hours.  Let me say that again, I get FULL!  So many times, I've tried a new program, weight watchers, 21 day fix containers, and even just counting calories.  BLEH!  NO THANKS!  Never again.  Each time I've done those, at some point during the day I was hungry cause I'd only had a small portion of food, calories cut, and enough to sustain me for 20 minutes or so.  I fought through those moments convincing myself that was the only way to lose weight.  I now know that the food I'm eating is processed by my body differently and I can eat more food, feel much fuller and not even want to put a cookie in my mouth!  I do not have to worry about eating 6 small meals a day.  It's seriously heaven.  Better than the weight loss, I have the softest skin.  Even my husband noticed before I even said a word about it.  I look younger, I think, and wear way less make up and it's amazing.  The next best thing is that my energy isn't as much through the roof as it is consistent all day long.  I don't ever drag.  At 8:00pm, I feel I have as much energy as I did at 8:00am when I woke up.  There's no afternoon drag.  It's great!  So there it is.  I recommend this to everyone! 


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