Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter Sunday!  We spent it up at my parents house.  We went to church with them and then did the usual hang out, have an Easter egg hunt with the kids and then have a nice yummy dinner.  It was pretty casual this year.  Just happy to have avoided the stomach bug that everyone seems to be catching and we've had in previous weeks.

I always like to have a good family picture of us.  I always try for the cutest Easter outfits and want to at least get a picture of my hard work.  Right?  My bestie (Suzanne) came over to grab a little dinner with her girls, while the other half of her family sat at home sick with that stomach bug.  She was able to take that picture I insist on for me this year.  Normally, it's the trusted tri-pod.  Then, (pressing my luck cause my kids never want more pictures) I asked Sky to kiss Jett.  Jett squealed with embarrassment and insisted that the rest of the family turn around and not watch.  It was quite hilarious!  I love his reaction!

Friday, March 29, 2013


This kid... he loves Oreo brownies!  That's all.