Thursday, March 17, 2016


I didn't get around to taking pictures of all 4 of my kids in green today, even though they all looked adorable.  I did though take some of my handsome little fella, Radd after preschool today.  He's was so excited to tell me about leprechauns and how he got a gold coin at school.  Here he is after school as cute as can be.

It almost always starts with a silly face, or there's no way he'll let me take his picture!
 He can wink with both eyes!
"I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway," was the cutest shirt and I couldn't resist getting it for him.  It's all I do is kiss his face!
 He's so funny, he likes to put his thumbs through those holes in button up shirts.  Silly kid!

My favorite, genuine happy face!  He's my sweet sidekick and I love him to pieces!  I am one LUCKY mama!

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