Monday, March 2, 2015


Well, that was absolutely fabulous.  Week one down and I feel great!  It's actually fun to get up and do the 30 min work outs and eat healthy.  I'm enjoying myself.  I am happy, giddy almost because I'm getting results.  Not just on the scale but in inches as well.  In one week, my least favorite part of my body (my arms) shrunk a whole 1/2 inch.  Shirts and sweatshirts that were tight on my arms actually have some breathing room.  I need to do some descent before/after pictures so you can all see my journey play out.  My stomach is firmer, my legs and butt are too.  My jeans feel baggy now in the butt area and before this I was uncomfortable wearing them even a half day and unbuttoning them when I'd sit down.  Guys, this meal plan and work out absolutely works!!!  Never thought I'd be one to proclaim it so much.  But because, I am on the complete other side of being down and depressed and stuck in the snowball of eating because I was depressed, I want to jump up and down.  Those people that would talk about feeling so much better and having energy and not forgetting so much, used to just drive me nuts.  I didn't believe them.  I had never felt that and I felt like I had eaten healthy and worked out enough in my life that I should feel that.  So I thought it was a hoax.  Now, it's me saying those things.  I have energy, I feel amazing, I sleep great, I have more confidence, I am kinder to my kids even cause I feel better about myself.  I won't go on and on like I could, but wanted to write this down, cause I want to remember this, just in case I get stuck or fall down again in life as far as health and fitness wise.  This will be my pick me up.  It will remind me that I've done it and felt amazing.  I hope that never happens.  I want to keep going and look and feel fabulous at 40.  It's only a year away!!!!