Tuesday, May 3, 2016


It's been a whole 'nother month since I completed my challenge!  It was a GREAT month.  I did not stick to Whole 30 100%, but I did stick to it a large majority of the time.  I mostly stuck to the Whole 30 during the week, and on the weekends allowed myself to go out to eat, or eat a meal that isn't Whole 30 approved.  I allowed myself treats, to see how much it affected me.  I learned this:  I sleep better on nights I don't have sugar before bed.  AND, eating more than one brownie, makes me feel nauseous.  Eating one is plenty and enjoying less sugar is okay.  I don't feel the need to inhale food like I did before.  There are many times, I have eaten like it was my last supper, thinking "I better get it all in before I start my diet on monday."  Now, my thinking is this, "well, if I don't get a chance to have a treat or a meal that I love this weekend, I can certainly have it next weekend."  I have maintained my weightloss.  I fit much better in my clothes.  I still have super soft skin.  And this is something totally doable.  I have noticed that as I have eased up on eating perfect, I haven't been as on top of my food prep and that resulted in a couple meals eating food I would rather have not had (ie, del taco for dinner during the week).  My mindset is that I only want it, if I absolutely LOVE it (a pan of enchiladas, beans and rice), otherwise I want to eat Whole 30 cause it's pretty dang yummy.  I also learned that if I eat too far off track on the weekend, I feel the sluggish detox feeling Monday and Tuesday.  But the weekends, I still eat fairly clean, I feel great on Monday.  This past weekend, I ate fairly good.  Good breakfasts and lunches, with dinner being not too bad.  But Sunday, after getting together with mom and my sisters to plan our Senior/40th bday trip and eating strawberry shortcake AND a piece of chocolate cake, I felt SICK!  My stomach ached before bed and it wasn't worth it.  Next time, picking one or the other will certainly be best!  I really love this new way of eating for me!  It's something that will work for me for life!  It's easy to maintain.  I feel major benefits from it.  I love it! 

My plan for this month... it's a tough one!  My 40th is at the end of the month!  I want to look my absolute best, of course, which leaves me ideally wanting to do a strict Whole 30 diet until then and working out as much as possible.  That's ideally.  Reality is that Thursday is Cinco de Mayo (my favorite kind of food), Friday is a celebration for Sky winning the Arbor Day poster contest, with a BBQ and treats, Saturday night is a ward party where there will only be treats served and that's week one.  Week two is a weekend trip to Park City with my sisters in law.  All 9 of us will be there.  And not having a donut, may be hard to do.  The third week is my sweet Brookie's 9th birthday, which I would assume means a dinner out to all you can eat pizza at Rock Creek.  So that leaves me with this... I have decided to eat absolutely Whole 30 as MUCH AS POSSIBLE!  Meaning, if there isn't a way to do it, that's okay.  I will work out extra hard and the end goal is to maintain and if I could MAYBE lose a whole pound, that would be fantastic.  I have a trip coming up with my mom and sisters.  That will be the hardest week to stay on track.  I know that come mid June, I will be back to a full 30 days, detoxing and getting myself back.  But it's doable and I know I will do it.  I have a plan, I'm being realistic and I'm not ever going to get so far off track that this is hard to keep coming back to Whole 30.  It will be a constant lifestyle. 

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