Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's beginning... my little Sky is growing up and having what I would call teenage issues.  Today, while getting her ready, she didn't like anything in her closet.  She complained about there only being Matilda Jane clothes and she doesn't like Matilda Jane clothes.  I then out of frustration said, "Fine, you can start to buy your own clothes.  You can then pick out whatever it is YOU want to wear."  I know, I was being ridiculous!  I just hate thinking that she doesn't have the same taste in clothes and I already struggle with what to put her in.  Do I dress her in the cute little girl stuff or the more grown up stuff?  She's my oldest and so I haven't yet figured this out.  It's uncharted territory for me.  So after picking something out, I felt was pretty dang cute, I told her to put it on and ask dad what he thought.  Of course, dad gave her the thumbs up and tried telling her that she looked cute!  She sobbed while I braided her hair.  "I'm not cute," she said.  I told her when I was done I was going to take a picture of her and show her how cute she was.  This is what she did... out came the camera, and out came the fun, cute Sky I know and love.

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